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"A Print For Our Future" is the first scarf collection created in 2020 by Luigi Veccia in collaboration with Save The Children during the pandemic in support of the "Rewrite the future" campaign to fight educational poverty in Italy.

A limited edition capsule collection which gave Save The Children 20% of the entire proceeds to the "Punti Luce", spaces where children can enjoy various educational and cultural activities free of charge. 

The collection has met with great success also thanks to the support of international and national stars of music and entertainment such as Madonna, Giorgia, Gianni Morandi, Alessandra Amoroso and Emma among many. Also well-known personalities from cinema, journalism and social influencers. 

Given the enormous success, Luigi Veccia has decided to re-propose a collection of exclusive scarves with the new "Digital Mythology" collection which you can discover by clicking here 

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