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DIGITAL MYTHOLOGY - New Scarf Collection of Luigi Veccia

Anniversaries must be celebrated and Luigi Veccia decides to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the brand in his name with a truly special collection.

After the capsule collection of "A Print For Our Future" scarves, which received so much feedback in 2020, the designer from Campania decides to renew his love for an increasingly important accessory for our wardrobes, thanks to its transversality and unexpected uses that give it to influencers, rappers and pop stars, with a limited edition that reviews the stylistic features of Veccia's work and career and filters them with a contemporary, fascinating and vibrantly colored aesthetic.

As the title "Digital Mythology" suggests, some are the keywords of this project. It starts from classic elements almost stolen from Hellenic statues, however proposed in a fluorescent version and contaminated by an aesthetic borrowed from graffiti art, which gives it vitality and a clearly pop spirit.

Then there are the flowers, another detail dear to the designer, which however distance themselves from the romantic tradition and are digitized and superimposed with tear-off effects, to make them more intense and sophisticated.

The muses of the past are represented by the faces of divas of the twenties and thirties, evocative images, not clearly recognizable and made more dynamic by visual details that look like tears in the fabric.

The scarves come alive thanks to jungle animal figures which, pixellated in an unexpected way, look like robotic shapes from a science fiction film.

Sketches from old collections become repeated figures to form mesmerizing, obsessive, yet pleasantly seductive patterns.

A work that is also a tribute to the designer's roots in the 80s and 90s and to that artistic current, daughter of the first videogames, music clips and television of those years, also known as vaporwave. In doing so, the designer mentions a visual and style background dear to those who have followed him for many years, but also close to the y2k aesthetics of generation z.

"Unconventional Hero" is the photographic service that accompanies the project and alongside these transversal and inclusive promotional images, taken by the photographer duo Carlo William Rossi and Fabio Mureddu, who previously with their skilful art have flanked Luigi Veccia in his works, there is a video featuring the dancer and choreographer Daniele Sibilli, famous for having trod the stages of Madonna's last tour, a star who on the occasion of her 62nd birthday celebrated in 2020 in Italy wore a scarf from the previous collection of Vetch. And here too quotations and fascinating references mix, the scarves become a tubular garment in which Daniele moves as if to recall the performances of Marta Graham. The video is directed by the talented Thom Rever who also edited the promotional clips that will be used for social media.

The music of these videos, hypnotic and sensual, is the work of Giovanni Dal Monte, taken from the album "Anestetico", born parallel to the work of the stylist from very similar inspirational starting points. The musician and composer, who has always been close to dance theater, like Luigi Veccia is accustomed to experimentation and strongly influenced by the avant-garde. As if to seal that creativity is never in watertight compartments and fashion, more than anything else, is accustomed to contamination and research.

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